Automatic Hook Button / D-ring fixing Machine for Labor Shoes JZ-989HN1-1

Short Description:

Model: JZ-989HN1-1

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Throat depth: 250mm

Power: 0.37kw

Motor Rotation Speed: 1400rpm/min:

Machine size: 1200*700*1700mm3

Packing size: 1250*770*18500mm3

Net weight/ Gross weight: 230KG / 300KG

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Used for fixing hooks, D-ring s and special buckles on safety shoes, mountaineering shoes, gym shoes and labor insurance shoes, leisure/ casual shoes, hiking shoes etc.


1. Operators no long need to manually place the hooks and D-rings before fixing them, avoid work injury hazards, ensures safety and higher work efficiency.

2. Machine automatic feeding the hook, D-ring, special buckle through vibrator bowl. The advantage of vibrating bowl feeding is the neat arrangement of special buckles with irregular shapes, and not easy to scratch the surface coating of the hook button.

3. The working principle of the vibrating bowl: frequency converter, motor, and automatic conveying function.

4. The controller can adjust the feeding speed of the vibrating bowl, which is more convenient for customers to use.

5. There are 6-flower and 8-flower sample effects to choose, the petal blooming effect is even, and the effect is exquisite and beautiful.

6. It’s can punching & fixing hook at the same time, no need pre-punched.

7. According to customer needs, optional anti-thug finger safety protection device, ensure worker safety.

8. With 2500 fasteners per hour, the production efficiency is high.

9. The different shapes of lower die bases can be designed, suitable for riveting of shoe uppers of different shapes.

10. With touch computer display control panel, it is more convenient to manage operation, parameter setting and functional selection.

11. With CE certificate, product quality and safety are more guaranteed.

12. Equipped with laser positioning device to make riveting precise positioning more accurate.

13. The machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, and it can be used directly after connecting to the power supply.



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