Automatic Riveting Machine for Luggage / Trolley Bag JZ-988RF

Short Description:

Model: JZ-988RF

Rivet head diameter: 8-12mm

Rivet diameter: 3-5mm

Rivet length: 5-23mm

Throat depth: 400mm

Power: 0.55kw

Height from floor to bottom mold: 1100mm

Machine size: 930*550*1700mm3

Net weight/ Gross weight: 370KG / 430KG


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Suitable for riveting round head, half hollow rivet on handles, pulling straps, wheels, bottoms of trolley luggage, suitcases, bookcases, trunks, cosmetic boxes, aluminum boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.


1. Automatic rivet feeding & fixing, which can rivet continuously to improve working efficiency.

2. Specially designed post for easy handling of cases/bags, mobile back and forth for more flexibility.

3. Suitable for riveting round head / spherical head, half hollow rivet / Semi-Tubular rivet, automatic feeding device.

4. Riveting machine is mainly suitable for steel furniture, baby carrier, fitness equipment and stationery and hardware industries half hollow rivet, rivet to arrange input, artifacts into can be riveting.

5. This machine is environmental protection and energy saving.

6. Adopt mechanical power, riveting frequency is up to 80 - 120 times per minute that is 4-6 times of manual operation.

7. Can be used directly when powered on, no need air compressor required.

8. The machine is simple in structure, easy to operate and easier to maintain.

9. Machine controlled by mechanical which combines easy-to-use operation with high accuracy and cost effectiveness.

10. Upon riveting, the end of the shaft expands, creating a "shop head" and fastening objects in place which making each ideal for a different type of fastening.

11. High-performance of clamping and punching ensures high strength of riveting quality.

12. Automatic rivet clinch feeding and clamping prevent rivet coating and appearance from damage. riveting quality reliable flanging forming beautiful and smooth, no damage to the rivet surface coating and the original work, pleasing, and adjustment is easy to operate. Mould replacement can be riveting of different specifications of the rivet.

13. Good mechanical parts ensure machine runs in high stability.



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