Pneumatic Automatic Twin Rado Punching and Riveting Machine for Lever Arch File / File Folder JZ-936ATP

Short Description:

Model: JZ-936ATP

Space between two rados: 80mm or customized

Voltage: 220V

Throat depth: 350mm

Power: 1.2kw

Machine size: 1030*110*1750mm3

Package size: 1040*121*185cm3

Net weight/ Gross weight: 340KG / 400KG

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This machine is designed for simultaneously setting of 2 rado eyelets on lever arch files, file folders.


1. The standard head distance is 80mm, high accuracy. And the customized distance is available on request.

2. Two oval eyelets are automatic feeding and setting at the same time, increase productivity,avoid work-related injuries.

3. Big vibrating tray bowl feeding, vibration speed and discharge speed all are adjustable.

4. Dual track simultaneous feeding output, and the machine has punched 2 waist-shaped holes at the same time.

5. Foot switch and travel switch operate at the same time, safer operation.

6. Precise positioning: position can be adjusted in all directions: front, back, left and right, the tightness of the riveting…etc.

7. Double servo motor drive, pneumatic type, safer to use and stable to operate with low noise.

8. With touch screen, debugging and maintenance of the machine is more convenient and fastest.

9. Pressure speed adjustable: punching and riveting speed and can be adjusted according to customer product requirements.

10. It’s very convenient at the automatic punching and riveting. No need to buy additional machines for punching separately.

11. Long throat depth and long stroke, suitable for different sizes of file folder.

12. Precise positioning, stable performance and good eyeleting effect. improve production efficiency of the preferred equipment.

13. High production efficiency with eyelet fastening of 2400 times per hour.

14. Die replacement is very simple, with 2 punching dies and 2 riveting dies for easy maintenance.

15. Adopt PLC control, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

16. Machine with one year warranty, except human factors and wearing parts, long-term maintenance.



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