Riveting Machine (For Baby Prams Or Folding Chairs) JZ-988DX

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Suitable for riveting round head, half hollow rivet on baby prams, folding chairs, baby carriages…etc.

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Model JZ-988DX
Rivet head diameter O8-12mm
Rivet diameter 03-5mm
Rivet length 3-15mm 10-25mm;20-36mm; 35-50mm50-65mm
Throat depth 400mm
Power 3/4HP
Height from floor to bottom mold 1100mm
Machine size(L*W*H) 880 x 560 x 1650mm3
Net weight 340kg
Gross weight 400kg


Suitable for riveting round head, half hollow rivet on baby prams, folding chairs, baby carriages…etc.



Automatic rivet feeding & fixing;

1.Our riveting machines are designed for setting rivets on a wide range of materials;
2.Featuring automatic feeding and high riveting consistency, the riveting equipment is a good choice for handling different rivets;
3.The auto riveting starts after stepping on the foot pedal, ensuring easy operation;
4.We also feature pneumatic, hydraulic, and high-speed flexible machine capabilities, multiple settings, and varied rivet diameter and length dimensions;
5.With our riveting machines, increased production capacity and reduced cost are achieved;
6.With heavy-duty castings and steel weldments, our riveting machines are also the strongest and most durable in their class;
7.In addition to the riveting machines, we are also able to provide customization service according to your individual application;
8.Mechanical clutch ensures high operational stability;
9.Top and bottom pieces of the die sets made using optimum mould steel features high durability;
10.Lower mold clamps can be custom made to adapt to workpieces with different shapes
11.Automatic rivet feeding & fixing;
12.Riveting machine widely uses in clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, packaging products and so on.


Model: JZ-988DX
Rivet head diameter:8-12mm
Rivet diameter:3-5mm
Rivet length:3-15mm;10-25mm;20-36mm;35-50mm;50-65mm
Throat depth:400mm
Power: 0.55kw
Height from floor to bottom mold: 1100mm
Machine size: 880*560*1650mm3
Net weight/ Gross weight: 340KG / 400KG

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Jiuzhou is a professional riveting machine equipment manufacturer with 24 years of production experience. The products are exported to more than 100 countries, which include USA, Germany, Canada, France, UK, India, Peru, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, Australia etc.

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